Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The Fletcher School creates bright futures for students with specific learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders by offering a structured, individualized, college preparatory curriculum that prepares them to reach their full potential.

Through the Rankin Institute, The Fletcher School increases understanding and improves programs relating to learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders by providing training, information, and services to parents, teachers, and other professionals in the community.

Our Goals

  • To provide a comprehensive education program designed to build the academic, social and emotional competence of students; enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  • To encourage students to return to a regular classroom environment when they are ready to be independent and successful learners.
  • To provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum in a very structured learning environment using multisensory techniques for those students who remain through high school graduation.
  • To offer outreach programs to parents, teachers, and other professionals in the community beyond those directly involved with the academic programs at Fletcher.
  • To raise awareness of successful learning disability teaching techniques by offering professional development workshops and seminars to area educators.
  • To collaborate and partner with area universities for research and resources.