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Strategic Plan

The Fletcher School is nearing the end of its current strategic plan, having made substantive progress in all of the high-level objectives that it established in 2013. Given this, and in light of welcoming a new Head of School, Dr. Brent Betit in 2015, the time is right to conduct a new strategic planning process.  The process will result in a comprehensive three-to-five year plan that will guide The Fletcher School’s development and will establish an aspirational vision for its bright future.  

The formal process of strategic planning helps us to define our shared goals and determine actions to achieve those goals. Facilitated properly, an inclusive strategic planning process will result in a motivating vision for the future of The Fletcher School and The Rankin Institute, integrating an astute business strategy that produces a high-performing, financially stable, robust and resilient organization, which is equipped and ready to serve students and their families far into the future. 

The Fletcher School’s next strategic plan will ensure that the bright future we describe in our mission statement applies not just to our students, but to our organization and community.  The plan will create milestones for measuring achievement, and touchstones for engaging our extended community- the Fletcher family.  It is the medium through which we will describe our future vision and attain every promise that this compelling vision contains. It will strengthen and buoy the wings of the Fletcher Falcon so that together, as a acommunity, we can soar.  

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