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Admissions Open House

2021-2022 Admissions Open Houses

For 2022-2023 Enrollment

Immerse yourself in The Fletcher School's nurturing community by attending an Admissions Open House! 

Learn more about our school culture, programs, and curricular philosophy by engaging with the key members of the Fletcher School Team. 

Click the link below to sign up for the Open House(s) you would like to attend:


Thursday, December 2, 2021, 6:30pm-7:30pm (All Grades) Virtual Open House


Thursday, January 20, 2022 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades K-5)

Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades 6-12)


Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades K-5)

Thursday, February 17, 2022, 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades 6-12)


Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades K-5)

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 8:45am-10:15am (Rising Grades 6-12)


Thank you for your interest in The Fletcher School!


Learn More About Our Admissions Criteria

For additional information, contact:

Jennifer Middlemas
Director of Admissions
704-365-4658 x.1102