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The Fletcher Experience

Experience Growth and Transformation at Fletcher

"Since Evelyn has joined Fletcher we have seen her advance in many stages. Within 30 days in the Fletcher community Evelyn had renewed her desire and excitement for learning. I recall the afternoon when she said, 'Dad, I can read now!' I cannot tell you the joy I felt as a parent seeing the look on her face. Over the last 3 years Evelyn has continually grown and developed and has a strong desire to learn and participate actively at school. I am so grateful for the Fletcher community, all the teachers, administrators and staff!" -Patrick McLoughlin (Current Parent)

Fletcher is not any ordinary school. Fletcher is extraordinary. Lily and Charlie have grown up attending Fletcher. With amazing teachers and a supportive environment they are able to see their learning differences not as a "disability" but see their own strength and ability. - Sara Waters (Former Parent)

"My son has always struggled in school, and needed a tutor to help him throughout middle school. It was his tutor that reminded me of The Fletcher School for high school. I'd learned about Fletcher from friends whose children had great experiences and amazing results. Although my son fought me on the idea of going to private school initially, we BOTH now know it was the best possible move for him. He would have been swept under the rug at a public high school. At Fletcher, he is experiencing some of the best grades he's ever had, and with NO tutor! I am grateful for the school, the teachers and their attention to our children." - Gina Spriggs (Current Parent)

"Our daughter is not only educated at Fletcher, she is nurtured, understood, and is given the opportunity to spread her wings and find her amazing gifts." -  Jackie Ely (Former Parent) 

"The Fletcher School has been the greatest gift for our entire family. When school is difficult, the whole family suffers. My son started at the school in 1st grade and only left for one year to try public school in 10th grade - he is now graduating from Fletcher in May. My daughter attended another private school in Charlotte and came to Fletcher in 6th & 7th grade because of a math disorder and her confidence level skyrocketed with the small class size and individual approach. This is the way education should be for everyone: individual attention, multisensory learning, a supportive and warm community and fantastic, skilled teachers. The college prep curriculum has prepared my son for college and the best thing is that he loves learning. Could not be more grateful to this school and the educational experience my kids had." - Debbie Long (Former Parent and Current Board Member) 

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