Community Programs

The following is an overview of courses offered to parents by The Rankin Institute during the 2017-2018 school year.  To view all programs offered, click on the brochure cover in the sidebar.

“MY CHILD HAS WHAT?” is a workshop series providing information and strategies on specific disorders and diagnoses such as attention deficits, reading and written expression deficits, auditory processing deficits, anxiety, and related medications. Each workshop is taught by professionals in the field related to the workshop topic.

*NEW* PARENTING AND ADHD: BALANCING EMOTIONS AND DISCIPLINE TO BUILD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS is presented by Chris Nealy, MSW, LCSW of Halcyon Mental Health, PLLC. ADHD is more than difficulty remaining seated or maintaining focus in a classroom. Self awareness and behavioral regulation create obstacles in relationships with peers, siblings, and parents. In this presentation we will focus on the tool of communication in building trust and respect, the roles of anger and blame, and the importance of self-care.

MIND, BODY, BACKPACK: A MULTISENSORY APPROACH TO EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING is presented by Jessica DeLing, M.Ed. of Child & Family Development. This workshop will discuss the following topics: Mind: Sustaining attention, self-advocacy, flexibility; Body: Task initiation, goal directed persistence, self-regulation; and Backpack: Organization, planning and prioritizing, time management.

MINDFULNESS: HOW SITTING STILL CAN GET YOU FARTHER is presented by Lindsay Bridges, M.D. of The Charlotte Center of Mindfulness, and Jennifer Hawthorne, Psy.D. This workshop will explore a practical understanding of mindfulness through the lens of basic neuroscience. The presentation will include experiential practices with mindfulness meditation.

EARLY IDENTIFICATION OF DEVELOPING LEARNING ISSUES IN PRESCHOOL is presented by Terri James, Ph.D. of Southeast Psychological Services. Dr. James will discuss the early signs of learning disabilities in preschool age children.
UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS OF CREATING AN IEP/504 PLAN FOR YOUR CHILD is presented by Darci Carter, S.S.P. of Southeast Psychological Services. This workshop will cover strategies for advocating for your child in order to get the accommodations they need.
WHAT YOU SEE IS HARD TO GET: VISUAL PROCESSING is presented by Ginna Gosney Clute, M.Ed. of Charlotte Country Day School and Jeanmarie Tommasulo, MS, OTR/L of Southern Piedmont Pediatric Therapy. This presentation will explain visual processing and the disorders associated with it as well as demonstrate techniques to help children compensate in the classroom.
WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES: LD SIMULATIONS is presented by the Staff of The Fletcher School. Have you ever wondered what a child with a learning disability experiences in the classroom? This workshop is designed to put you in the shoes of an LD child.
THE INS AND OUTS OF SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER is presented by Shelley Dean, OTD, OTR/L of Crossway Pediatric Therapy. Sensory Processing is essential to the development of self. It affects cognition, self-control and self-esteem as well as social and motor skills. This workshop will cover how the brain processes external and internal stimuli to thrive and grow or even protect itself. Strategies will be presented for self regulation to enhance the learning for a child.
THE ORTON-GILLINGHAM SUBSCRIBER COURSE, presented by Joanie Gerken, Fellow/AOGPE is a three-part course offered to parents and other professionals to familiarize them with the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching. This course is an excellent introduction for those who are considering further training in the Orton-Gillingham approach.