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Community Programs

The following is an overview of courses offered to parents by The Rankin Institute during the 2018-2019 school year. 

UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS OF CREATING AN IEP/504 FOR YOUR CHILD is presented by Darci Carter, S.S.P. of Southeast Psychological Services. Planning for an IEP or 504 Plan for your child can be an intimidating and sometimes frustrating process. This workshop will discuss strategies for advocating for your child in order to get the accommodations they need.

READING DISORDER: A PICTURE’S WORTH A BILLION WORDS is presented by Joanie Gerken, Fellow/AOGPE, and Christi Kubeck, Fellow-In-Training/AOGPE, both of The Fletcher School. In addition to an overview of the disorder, this presentation will demonstrate proven technologies for helping children with reading disorders.

EARLY IDENTIFICATION OF DEVELOPING LEARNING ISSUES IN PRESCHOOL is presented by Terri James, Ph.D. of Southeast Psychological Services. Do you have concerns about your preschool age child’s learning? Join us for a discussion about early identification of learning issues in preschool-aged children.

WRITTEN EXPRESSION DISORDER: WATCH FOR SALES ON ERASERS is presented by Stephen Strzelecki, Psy.D. of Clinical & Neuropsychological Services. Dr. Strzelecki will provide an overview of this disorder and address technologies for working with children who are struggling with written expression.

LD SIMULATIONS: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES is presented by the staff of The Fletcher School. Have you ever wondered what a child with a learning disability experiences in the classroom? Do you have a child with a learning disability at home, and his/her sibling(s) just do not understand him/her? This workshop is designed to put you in the shoes of a child with LD. Bring your whole family (ages 12+). This session helps promote more understanding, compassion, and discussion within the family.

ADHD: FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL is presented by Trey Ishee, Psy.D. of Southeast Psychological Services. The effects of attention deficit disorder will be discussed, and Dr. Ishee will provide suggestions for effectively treating ADHD and managing consequent behavior.

MIND, BODY, BACKPACK: A MULTISENSORY APPROACH TO EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING is presented by Jessica DeLing, M.Ed. of Child & Family Development. This workshop will discuss the following topics: Mind: sustaining attention, self-advocacy, flexibility; Body: task initiation, goal-directed persistence,self-regulation; and, Backpack: organization, planning, prioritizing, and time management.

AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER: GIMME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME is presented by Barrie Morganstein, Ph.D. of Southeast Psychological Services. Dr. Morganstein will examine the impact of auditory processing disorders and offer strategies for improving performance. 

VISUAL PROCESSING: WHAT YOU SEE IS HARD TO GET is presented by Ginna Gosney Clute, M.Ed. of Charlotte Country Day School, and Jeanmarie Tommasulo, MS, OTR/L of Southern Peidmont Pediatric Therapy. This presentation will explain visual processing and the disorders associated with it as well as demonstrate techniques to help children compensate in the classroom.

**NEW** A MINDFUL APPROACH TO BUILDING AND TEACHING RESILIENCY is presented by Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Jennifer Hawthorne, Psy.D., Mindful Schools Certified Instructor.  Cultivating resilience in ourselves and others is a key ingredient for living, leading, and parenting well. Life is hard, and the better we are at recognizing the things that throw us off balance and the ways we respond, the better we are at righting ourselves and moving forward wholeheartedly. This workshop will incorporate research and tools from mindfulness, as well as from Dr. Brené Brown.  

PARENTING AND ADHD: BALANCING EMOTIONS AND DISCIPLINE TO BUILD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS is presented by Chris Nealy, MSW, LCSW of Halcyon Mental Health, PLLC. ADHD is more than difficulty remaining seated or maintaining focus in a classroom. Self awareness and behavioral regulation create obstacles in relationships with peers, siblings, and parents. Parenting a child with ADHD is no easy task. Monitoring your own emotions is crucial in building and repairing your relationship, especially during a conflict. Integrating methods to match your child’s learning style while balancing emotions with clear expectations can provide the structure necessary for effective, meaningful discipline. Ultimately, we want to embrace opportunities for independence in decision making by teaching how to make the “right” choice and how to appreciate and recover from failure, including the emotions involved in each scenario. In this presentation we will focus on the tool of communication in building trust and respect, the roles of anger and blame, and the importance of self-care.
presented by Joanie Gerken, Fellow/AOGPE is a three-part course offered to parents and other professionals to familiarize them with the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching. This course is an excellent introduction for those who are considering further training in the Orton-Gillingham approach. 

**NEW** USING iPAD FOR DIGITAL STORYTELLING IN THE CLASSROOM is presented by Christi Kubeck, Fellow-In-Training/AOGPE, and Patti Weiss, M.Ed., NCC, Director of Educational Technology, both of The Fletcher School.  iPad cultivates student expression and creativity with built-in Apple apps.  Using Camera, Clips, and iMovie to enhance a multimodal approach, students create meaningful, deep learning experiences. Either bring your own iPad or just watch and learn how to use a wide variety of apps for classroom innovation.  This session has valuable information for anyone using iPad, but is geared specifically for K-5 teachers.

THE INS AND OUTS OF SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER is presented by Shelley Dean, OTD, OTR/L of the Crossway Pediatric Therapy. Sensory processing is essential to the development of self. It affects cognition, self-control and self-esteem as well as social and motor skills. This workshop will cover how the brain processes external and internal stimuli to thrive and grow or even protect itself. Strategies will be presented for self-regulation to enhance the learning for a child.

**NEW** SUPPORTING STUDENT CREATIVITY USING iPAD is presented by Christi Kubeck, Fellow-In-Training/AOGPE, and Patti Weiss, M.Ed., NCC, Director of Educational Technology, both of The Fletcher School. Teaching and learning with iPad fosters innovation. Using Keynote, Garageband, and iBook, students create dynamic projects to incorporate concepts and display their knowledge.  Either bring your own iPad or just watch and learn how to use a wide variety of apps for classroom innovation.  This session has valuable information for anyone using iPad, but is geared specifically for K-5 teachers.  

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: OH, DEAR, WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE? is presented by Heather Dyer, Ph.D. Dr. Dyer will address the ramifications of anxiety and depression in children and will provide practical suggestions and treatment options.

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